Putting MBA theory into practice

By | April 26, 2012

Hajime-Sudo,Perugia-MBA-stuHajime Sudo is a Japanese student on Bradford University School of Management’s full time MBA in Italy based at the University of Perugia. He is on the FT’s MBA blogging panel where he regularly shares his experiences as an MBA student.

Hajime’s most recent blogs have been about how he is now beginning to put the MBA theory he is learning into practice. On a visit to an eco-sustainable Italian company with his fellow MBA classmates he learnt how creative thinking is crucial for increasing productivity and effectiveness, which he believes will help him to support Japan’s recovery from the recent earthquake when he goes back to his home country.

Over the Easter vacation, a visit from an old friend from home who is a professional manager gave him the opportunity to discuss what he was learning about business strategy with someone who is putting it into practice on a daily basis.

Hajime is now preparing to finish the last few modules of the MBA programme before embarking on an internship with an Italian company, which he will base his management project on. He will be working in a finance role and plans to explore new ways of bringing the principles of sustainability to accounting. He is now starting to think about his career in an innovative way.

Track Hajime’s progress throughout his MBA through his blogs at http://blogs.ft.com/mba-blog/author/hajimesudo/#axzz1f0t0QPoQ