Improving business soft skills with an MBA

By | July 25, 2014

Toufic DiabSoftware Engineer Toufic Diab has successfully completed a Full Time MBA at Bradford University School of Management and here explains why he decided to leave his home country of Lebanon to study at the business school.

After I secured software engineering degrees in Lebanon and France, I returned home and spent five years working with a major multi-national business. However, I didn’t just want a career in the technical side of the industry, so I decided I’d need an MBA to ensure I could take on more senior roles in the future.

It was a big decision, so I did a lot of research and gathered the data I always need. Bradford was the standout candidate. The triple accreditation was a key consideration and the school also ranked highly in a wide range of categories and polls.

The ratio between cost and quality and the location of the school was also fantastic. Most importantly, I researched the academic profiles and saw they had a lot of real world business experience, which was very important to me.

The challenging and engaging programme along with international cohort lived up to my expectations, but the biggest surprises came from the parts of the course I expected to gain the least from.

It has been a fantastic course and I’ve been surprised by how big an impact some of the elements have had on me. There is a big focus on improving soft skills like leadership, networking and communication and that has proved to be life-changing. I’ve learned more from this than I did in the classroom.

The entrepreneurship module also opened my mind. It created a great opportunity to start thinking about my long term goals and I’m already planning how to create my own software company in Lebanon.

I saw the MBA as a platform for future career growth, but it has challenged me to completely rethink my goals now. It’s an immensely rewarding experience and went way beyond my expectations.

I think many people just expect an MBA to teach them some leadership techniques and how to prepare excel reports, but it’s so much more than that. It helps you to transform who you are and how you think and operate. It’s the most rewarding educational experience I’ve had.