My CPS Work Experience

By | September 26, 2017

Winning the prestigious CPS Yorkshire and Humberside Criminal Law Prize 2016 in my second year for the highest achiever in Criminal Law was definitely one of my most memorable moments at the University of Bradford. This was because the prize was not only sponsored by the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) but also consisted of a one week’s work experience with one of the CPS offices which is located in Leeds.

The actual week at CPS was absolutely amazing. My week’s itinerary was planned with the intention of exposing me to every area and department at the CPS.  I was able to shadow a number of lawyers in the Magistrates’ court; witnessed a live trial in the Crown court and met with all the mangers of each department where they gave an overview of each department.  In addition to this I shadowed a Crown Court Lawyer where she explained her role in CPS; how the casework process operates and even witnessed an ongoing case which involved reviewing CCTV coverage that was actually going to be used as evidence.

This experience not only opened my eyes to the many different departments the CPS have but the important role they play in cases that attract the public’s interest. Now having gained valuable exposure to other departments in the CPS that I would definitely consider working in the Specialist Fraud Division or the Complex Case Unit there. Based on my experience at CPS, I would encourage all criminal law students to work hard and aim for this prestigious award because this invaluable experience helps you think outside of the box and sets you on the path where the sky is the limit!