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Board/director remuneration is the total compensation that the board/director receives in exchange for the service they perform.Typically, this consists of monetary rewards, also referred to as wage or salary. A number of complementary benefits, however, are increasingly popular remuneration mechanisms.

As part of a technology university, Bradford School of Management can be a global leader

Posted by on Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I was delighted when I heard that Bradford has become a technology university. As the world’s leaders are struggling to manage the impact of technology – is this an opportunity for the University of Bradford School of Management to lead the world in helping business leaders create strategies and manage for the future? Management teams… Read More »

Business Challenge drew on skills learned on Bradford degree

Posted by on Monday, April 18, 2016

Our trip to Durham for the Business Challenge was an amazing experience and I gained a lot from it. The Challenge gave me the opportunity to demonstrate what I have learnt during my undergraduate studies so far. After signing in for event on the Saturday morning we moved to a big lecture theatre all very impatient for the… Read More »

Can quotas correct boardroom bias for women?

Posted by on Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Christina Patino is the Corporate Programmes Coordinator at Bradford University School of Management and recently appeared on BBC Breakfast to debate the issue of having quotas for women on boards. Here she asks if a target for companies to recruit more senior women is enough, or should businesses face penalties to create equality on the… Read More »

Why Bradford businesses should nurture their female talent

Posted by on Wednesday, August 8, 2012

An interesting article has been published in Strategic Management Journal, one of the leading US academic publications. It presents a study into whether female representation in top management improves firm performance.  The study provides an additional perspective on a key finding by the Davies report on Women on Boards published in February 2011, namely that… Read More »

Careers advice for ambitious women

Posted by on Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Heather McGregor, headhunter, FT columnist under the name Mrs Moneypenny and Bradford University School of Management alumnus, has published a book called Careers Advice for Ambitious Women. Here are her top tips to help more women become boardroom directors. Get qualifications to stand out Mrs Moneypenny recommends getting an MBA from a leading business school… Read More »

Let’s not blame it all on Hayward… where was the PR?

Posted by on Friday, August 6, 2010

Well, it was bound to happen, he’s gone, Tony Hayward has left BP as Chief Executive and everyone can now breathe easy. If only PR was so simple. Scandalous payoff? Firstly those who pushed for his removal from office are now equally troubled by the size of his payoff. Payoffs are big news! He’s taking… Read More »

What bankers need – moral compass not fat pockets

Posted by on Friday, February 5, 2010

Banking bonuses were a hot topic at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week – but all they highlighted is that little has been learnt or changed in the world of banking. George Soros told the BBC‘s Robert Peston that the payment of bonuses by banks from 2009 profits is wrong, as the profits… Read More »