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The economics of climate change is the impacts of climate change include the loss of biodiversity, sea level rise, increased frequency and severity of some extreme weather events, and acidification of the oceans on the economy. Economists have attempted to quantify these impacts in monetary terms, but these assessments can be controversial.

How the Circular Economy will change what we buy, how we own and the relationship between manufacturer and client

Posted by on Monday, July 18, 2016

At a recent conference I attended, Joe McGee from Jabil – the $18bn manufacturing company, which you will probably never have heard of, said: “If you are not disrupting you will be disrupted”… and so it is, in today’s market place. The pace of change is rapid and organisations across the globe are grappling with how they continue to sell products and make margins.… Read More »

Searching for the meaning of talent in Mykonos

Posted by on Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mykonos is the Greek party-island, famous for its night clubs and beaches. But they didn’t do much business in the third week of May this year. The boats and planes arriving at the gorgeous island didn’t disgorge hordes of trendy teens and 20-somethings intent on a good time. Instead, scores of business school academics disembarked,… Read More »

Balancing sustainability with low cost energy - what are the priorities for UK business?

Posted by on Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What should the government’s energy policy focus on?  This was the question posed to a small group of regional business leaders by Dr Neil Bentley, the CBI’s director of the business environment.  The dinner, generously hosted by Irwin Mitchell, is part of the CBI’s process for listening to businesses across the country to inform its… Read More »

Carbon capture technology – who will pay the cost?

Posted by on Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Today programme this morning had a feature on a capture carbon initiative at a coal fuelled power station in Scotland.  The feature covered the technology and environmental issues extensively, but didn’t address the economic questions that are integral to this issue.  This got me thinking – how much is this going to cost us?… Read More »